The SBTC Submitted a comment to the Federal Register on September 9, 2013 regarding proposed new SBA Commercialization/Phase III Benchmarks.  We had several objections with some of the proposed changes, including the use by the SBA of a narrower definition of “commercialization” that conflicts with the law and SBA’s own Policy Directive, the potential burden placed on small businesses by a requirement to report retroactive commercialization data for the last ten years, and the fact that SBA did not comply with Paperwork Reduction or Regulatory Flexibility Acts in seeking input from small businesses.

Update: The SBTC has revised and resubmitted its comment on to SBA on October 28 in response to the SBA reopening the comment period and extending the deadline for submissions.  Click on the below link to view SBTC’s revised comment.

SBTC Comment to SBA on New Commercialization Benchmark