The Small Business Technology Council (SBTC) and State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI) were lead signatories on a letter signed by over 100 state and National organizations, Universities, and trade associations, urging Congress to pass an extension of the SBIR/STTR programs as soon as possible.  These organizations understand the important role that high-tech small businesses play in America’s innovative economy, and how valuable SBIR/STTR is to both small businesses and America’s R&D ecosystem.

With less than 240 days until the programs expire on September 30, 2022, it is imperative to get a quick extension into any legislative vehicle available, to prevent the possibility that these important programs lapse or are disrupted.  We hope that Congress will take swift action to ensure that high-tech small businesses that depend on SBIR/STTR funding to conduct their research will be able to continue to produce cutting edge R&D to help keep America at the forefront of technological innovation

Letter from 117 Organizations Urging Congress to Extend SBIR/STTR