The Small Business Technology Council has recognized Heidi Jacobus with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her years of advocacy and support of high-tech small businesses.

In addition to her responsibilities as Chairman and CEO of Cybernet Systems Corporation, she has volunteered countless hours towards promoting and defending the interests of countless other SBIR companies.  In testifying before Congress, educating legislative staffers about the small business programs, and building relationships with Members of Congress, she has time and again shown a willingness to lead on the issues that are so important to thousands of innovative high-tech small businesses.

Under her leadership, the SBTC has made great progress in a number of policy areas.   Most notably she has worked concurrently with the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) on the joint SBTC/NDIA DCAA committee to address the difficulties DOD small businesses have had with cost-incurred audits.  Thus far the committee has shown great progress in getting DCAA to address these issues.

Heidi has been a mentor, a leader, and a true friend of the small business technology community.  Her willingness to volunteer her time and energies towards promoting the interests of small businesses has made her invaluable to the SBIR community, and the SBTC is honored and privileged to have Heidi as our Co-Chair.