Congress has begun taking up the issue of SBIR/STTR reauthorization, and SBTC has been engaged with the House and Senate on what that reauthorization should look like since the beginning of the year.  On May 13, the House Small Business Committee held their first hearing of the 117th Congress on SBIR/STTR, and SBTC Executive Director Jere Glover was invited to testify (read more about the hearing and Jere’s Testimony here).

After consulting with our board and membership, the Small Business technology Council has put together the following list of recommendations for the upcoming SBIR/STTR reauthorization, as well as a link to our paper further explaining these recommendations.  The top item on the list, and our number 1 priority is making SBIR/STTR permanent.  After 40 years of proven success, it is imperative that the program finally be made permanent to give small businesses the security and predictability to know that these programs will be around in the future.

Follow the link below to read our paper on SBIR/STTR legislative recommendations:

SBTC 2021 SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Legislative Recommendations (5/21)

SBTC’s SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Recommendations

  1. Make SBIR/STTR permanent
  2. Increase SBIR allocation increase to 7%
  3. Increase STTR allocation to 1%
  4. Maintain strong IP protection for these new technologies and businesses. Support STRONGER Patents Act
  5. Ensure agencies follow SBIR/STTR policies, including for Phase III recognition and support, further streamlining and simplification of proposals, admin, and accounting.
  6. Support the DOD Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF).
  7. Require updates of FAR and DFAR regulations to match Congressional law
  8. Don’t weaken SBIR/STTR selection criteria that focus on merit
  9. Expedite Security Clearances for SBIR/STTR firms
  10. Require all agencies to set goals of at least 15% of all R&D goes to small business
  11. Require all agencies publish on their website required reports as soon as possible and no later than when they are submitted to other organizations or SBA