The Navy recently published a comprehensive guidebook for their SBIR Phase III Program, outlining in clear language what is required of SBIR Program Managers and Contracting Officers to be in compliance with DOD SBIR Phase III rules & regulations, as well as what your rights as an SBIR company are.  This is an essential reference to have for any company that does business with the Navy and is interested in pursuing a Phase III contract.  Even if you are not dealing specifically with the Navy, this is a great guidebook for dealing with program managers and contracting officers.  This should be your your first resource on SBIR and DOD.

Navy SBIR/STTR Program Home Page

DON SBIR and STTR Phase III Guidebook 

One of our member companies presented this guidebook to the COR and CO of a program they had in another branch (not the Navy).  After a discussion, the military representatives agreed to stop the BAA open competition process they had started, and award a Phase III SBIR without competition within the following 6 weeks for many hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This guidebook is having an immediate impact on our member’s financial performance.  We recommend you take the time to read it carefully, and then teach it to your contacts in the military.

The Navy has always done a great job of running their SBIR program, and a lot of credit should go to Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Navy (RDT&E) Nickolas Guerton, Director of Navy SBIR and STTR Programs John Williams, and Director of Navy OSBP, Sean Crean for the work they put into this guide.  We hope this can be a reference for other branches of the military to follow, and possibly put out their own guides for the benefit if their PMs and small businesses.