Welcome to the Small Business Technology Council! You’ve joined one of the most thoughtful, pragmatic organizations in Washington, D.C., and we look forward to working with you over the coming months. 

SBTC is a council of the National Small Business Association (NSBA), the nation’s first small-business advocacy organization with more than 65,000 members across the country. As a member of SBTC, we are proud to extend a complimentary membership to you for NSBA for the duration of your SBTC membership. This partnership enables us to provide you the technology-specific information and expertise SBTC is known for as well as the broad small-business perspective and updates NSBA provides. Two staunchly nonpartisan organizations, NSBA and SBTC have a proud history of standing up for what’s truly best for you—America’s small-business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators. We are proud to be your voice inside the D.C. Beltway.

SBTC is a member-driven organization and between our outstanding reputation on Capitol Hill, the strength and creativity of our members and the broad services and resources we provide, we know you’ll get a great deal from your SBTC membership and being part of the NSBA network.

Our mission here at SBTC is to ensure that the technology industry is an even more inviting place for small business to do business. We are the only association that advocates solely for small business technology companies across numerous industries. We work closely with policymakers, government officials  and technology-related stakeholders to educate them on the issues that impact the operations of small technology firms and the communities they serve. Through our advocacy efforts we ensure that small technology firms received the help and investment they need in achieving their full potential.

Our highly-respected reporting from both SBTC and NSBA will keep you informed about what’s happening in Washington and how it will affect your business. You will receive our Weekly Advocate e-newsletter, a publication that includes resources and articles on the latest legislation and government regulations that affect your profitability.  We have monthly membership conference calls listen to your concerns and let you know what is going about SBIR in Washington.

In addition, you will receive Action Alerts via e-mail to let you know when congressional activity needs your special attention. You’ll be briefed on the issue and provided actions you can take. Your call or letter to your elected officials can make all the difference! In fact, SBTC and NSBA members have played an instrumental role in some key pieces of legislation, including reauthorization of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and defeating the expanded 1099 reporting proposal. SBTC and NSBA has countless benefits to offer to your business through our partnerships with companies such as UPS and Renaissance Dental. Furthermore, 10 members of SBTC have testified before Congress.

In the next several weeks you will be receiving a new member packet in the mail that will contain a certificate of membership including a unique ID number for your company, information on our association and the benefits we provide our members.

We thank you for joining SBTC. With your support and the support of thousands of other small business owners, we can make a difference here in Washington, D.C.


Jere Glover, SBTC Executive Director

Todd McCracken, NSBA President